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Product Development Services

Product development is the process of bringing a new product to market. Luxon Engineering specializes in the engineering, design, and manufacturing portions of that process; from conceptualization through to production manufacturing. Our product development service combines our individual services with project management to drive the process forward in a time and cost efficient manner.

Project management is critical in this process, and typically risk mitigation is the primary driver of the design path. Luxon mitigates risk by creating a development process unique to your project and goals. Through proper planning, we pave the way for a cost-effective and timely product release.

Our entire range of services are available to you for a turnkey product development solution, but we also provide each service individually to supplement your in-house engineering team.

Engineering and Design

Engineering and Design The engineering design of mechanical parts and assemblies is our core competency. Proof-of-concept prototypes, computer simulations, cost projections, and more are utilized in this process. All simulations, results, design concepts, bills of materials, etc. are organized in a manner that is easy to understand and can be delivered to the customer in many formats. Read more at our engineering and design page.

CAD Modeling

3D CAD Modeling We use SolidWorks CAD software for all our 3D modeling. Models can be delivered to the customer in various formats (SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer, IGES, STEP, Parasolid, and STL). All solid models are created using a clean and efficient style; notes and comments are added where necessary to a neatly organized feature tree. If applicable, skeletons and/or equations are added to facilitate design and configuration changes. Assemblies receive the same treatment with the addition of exploded views where applicable. Our CAD services include AutoCAD and 2D to 3D conversions, taking sketches to 3D models, and general 3D CAD work. Read more at our CAD modeling page.

Simulation and Analysis

Simulation and Analysis Our advanced analysis capabilities include structural analysis, fluid flow simulation, mechanism dynamics, and more. The ability to build and test a virtual product substantially improves design efficiency; fewer prototypes are required for development and testing since most of the iterations are preformed quickly on the computer. This saves valuable time and money. Read more at our simulation and analysis page.

Design Optimization

Optimization Our powerful finite element analysis capabilities allow us to efficiently optimize designs. Typical optimization goals include minimizing component mass and material or maximizing modal frequencies subject to stress or deflection constraints. Manufacturing and symmetry constraints can be applied to the model to ensure a manufacturable result. Optimization types include topology (pictured), topography (sheet-metal beading), size and shape, composite (core and ply order and thickness, ply orientation), and others. Read more at our optimization page.

Prototype Manufacturing

Prototyping Our in-house prototyping removes the lead time and communication constraints of outsourcing. With machining, welding, 3D printing, and assembly capabilities, we can handle most projects entirely in-house. Read more at our prototype manufacturing page.