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Mechanical Design and Engineering Services

Engineering Image

Applying our engineering skill set in the design of mechanical parts and assemblies is our specialty. From manufacturing process selection, materials selection, DFMA, tolerance analysis, and more, our experience guides your project to success. Luxon's engineers are degreed and highly experienced; our team is ready to apply our diverse skill set to your project for fresh and well thought out ideas. Luxon's engineering talent, combined with our advanced CAD, Analysis, and Prototyping capability is what you need to succeed.

Browse through our list of services to learn more about our more specialized capabilities:

  • New Product Design: All aspects of the product development process from concept development through designing for high volume manufacturing
  • Mechanical Design and Engineering: Manufacturing process selection, materials selection, DFMA, tolerance analysis
  • CAD and Renderings: Expert CAD users, advanced 3D surfacing, renderings for marketing and documentation
  • Simulation/Analysis: Finite element analysis, shock and vibration, computational fluid dynamics, thermal simulation, dynamic mechanisms
  • Design Optimization: From optimization routines integrated in our simulation tools to custom scripts written to suit your unique needs
  • Prototype Manufacturing, Testing and Development: In-house CNC machining, 3D printing, welding, assembly, and more. Proof-of-concept validation, physical testing, performance benchmarking, simulation correlation