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Requests for Quotation

To request a consultation for your project, please fill out the form below. Alternatively, send an email to the following address: rfq@luxonengineering.com and provide the information asked in the form below. Please also include a non-disclosure agreement if required (Our standard NDA is available at the following link: luxon_eng_mutual_nda.pdf).

Any information you can provide to describe the products function, application, and customers will be beneficial in helping us understand the scope of the project. Please answer questions such as:
  • What industry does the product serve? (medical, energy, consumer electronics, etc.)
  • What does the product do?
  • What special needs does your product address that the existing competition does not (if applicable)?
  • What is the current state of the product (idea, proven concept, prototype, pre-production, current production)?
  • What product development services are required (mechanical, analysis, electrical, software, etc.)?
  • What is the project timeline and urgency?
Information about your company and its history with product development in this industry is appreciated. Please answer questions such as:
  • Does this product fit within the current offerings of your company or is it something new?
  • Does the product have any IP protection (design/utility patent, patent pending, provisional patent, etc.)?
  • Any other pertanent information?

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We will review your project and be in touch to discuss the next steps. Typically, if the project is a good fit for our services, we will execute the NDA (if required) and arrange a meeting to discuss more details. Finally, we will write up a detailed proposal listing deliverables, timeline, and expected costs. We look forward to working with you!