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  Luxon Engineering - San Diego, CA

Industries Served

Luxon Engineering does not limit our services to any one industry, though there are a few specific industries in which we routinely serve. Due to our San Diego location, a core part of our business involves the medical and laboratory device industry. Beyond that, we have completed a number of projects in the alternative energy and transportation industries.

Medical Industry

Medical Device Product DevelopmentThe medical device and laboratory equipment industries are a core portion of our business. We've completed hundreds of projects within this field including surgical implants, pharmacutical dispensing devices, genetic sequencing equipment, and many more. Luxon's capabilities cover a broad portion of the medical device spectrum from injection molded disposable design to computational fluid dynamics studies of airflow for thermal cooling.

Energy Industry

Energy Industry Product DevelopmentLuxon has worked in the energy industry, particularly alternative energy, in errorts to minimize cost per kilowatt. Extensive analysis and optimization studies results in efficient designs capable of handling both structural and thermal loading at a minimum of material. This is especially important for mass produced components such as heatsinks on CPV cells. Further, our ability to reduce cost through effective DFMA is a valuable asset to our clients.

Transportation Industry

Transportation Industry Product DevelopmentThe transportation industries include automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment, and other related fields. Our project history spans many of these sub-industries. Advanced finite element analysis capabilities are particularly useful for these industries as minimizing mass subject to structural requirments is a common goal in increasing fuel efficinecy.