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About Us

Luxon Engineering Office

Luxon Engineering is a full service product development and prototype design company with a focus on mechanical engineering. The company was founded in January 2007 by Billy Wight, a graduate from the University of California at San Diego with a degree in mechanical engineering. Since then, we have added a few key members to the company to diversify and further expand our team. We commonly perform a variety of mechanical design and analysis work in all industries including medical, aerospace, and others. Our engineers have an extensive range of experience and have held jobs in various fields beyond engineering including mechanical repair, management, manufacturing, and mechanical inspection. These past experiences benefit the design process by giving us the ability to create a fully thought-out and robust design that is economical to manufacture, inspect, and service.

Capabilities and Specialties

Software Logos

We serve clients in a variety of fields and industries utilizing the latest in engineering software. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Product development, Machine Design, Mechanical Design
  • Automotive Engineering, Vehicle Dynamics, and Suspension
  • CAD, Solid Modeling, Engineering Drawings, Renderings
  • CAE, Finite Element Analysis, Structural, Motion, Vibration, and Fluid Analysis, Optimization
  • Fatigue and Failure Analysis
  • Manufacturing Process and Materials Selection
  • Design for Extrusion, Die Casting, Injection Molding, Plastic Part Design, Sheet Metal
  • Design for Manufacturability and Assembly (DFMA), Tolerance Analysis
  • Prototyping, Rapid Prototyping, Proof-of-concept
  • Assembly, Testing, Development

For more details, visit our Services section and Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about what we can offer your company.


Our consulting service is available to any industry or individual. By doing business with us, your company can quickly develop new products and ideas without having to tie up your engineering staff and resources. If you have manufacturing capabilities, we can provide you with the necessary drawings and CAD models. However, if you prefer, we can use our network of manufacturing contacts to deliver a finished prototype. Our pricing is based on both hourly rates and fixed priced contracts dependent on the work performed. Please contact us for a quote on your project or with any questions you may have. To best serve our customers, we generally follows the design process outlined below:

Consulting Process
  • Communicate: Discuss the project, design goals, and budget constraints. Gather information and data required to develop solutions.
  • Conceptualize: Propose concepts that satisfy the design goals. Identify pros/cons of each and rate accordingly. Determine performance benchmarks based on these concepts.
  • Design: Develop promising concepts using CAE tools. Compare analysis results to performance benchmarks, determine and further refine the most promising design concept.
  • Implement: Create prototypes based on the refined design. Test and evaluate performance against the benchmarks and goals. Use qualitative results to further improve the design.
  • Feedback: Discuss results. Create detailed reports that communicate design history and intent.
  • Deliver: Finalize the design and deliver prototypes, results, and documentation to the customer.

Mobility and On-Site Consulting

Many projects require on-site consulting, or the customer prefers that the consultant work at their facility. By using advanced laptop workstations it is easy to provide consulting services wherever they are needed without sacrificing computational resources. Minimum hourly charges do apply and vary based on time and distance traveled. For more information on our on-site consulting, please contact us.

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

Our business depends on our ability to keep your confidential information private. We fully understand the need to keep your information secret to protect your intellectual property. Luxon Engineering will not disclose any sensitive information without first having the client's consent and we are willing to sign non-disclosure agreements before beginning any work. Our policies ensure strict confidentiality of customer data, design documents, and any other sensitive information. A copy of our standard Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement can be downloaded here: luxon_eng_mutual_nda.pdf