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Luxon Engineering

Mechanical Product Development Consulting
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Notable Clients and Projects

Comprehensive Product Development Solutions

Luxon Engineering is a San Diego based product design and development company specializing in mechanical engineering services, FEA analysis services, and prototype design and manufacturing. While many product engineering companies focus only on a few key services, Luxon Engineering is your one-stop for a complete mechanical product development consulting solution. Luxon is capable of advancing your product from napkin-sketch concept to high volume production manufacturing. Our product engineering services are available for all industries. Medical device design, consumer products engineering, alternative energy, aerospace, and automotive product design are just a few of the fields we serve. As a premier product design firm in Southern California, we are prepared to serve our clients diverse and varied needs, whatever the challenge.

Catering to our Client's Unique Needs

Concept Development Design and Analysis Prototype Manufacturing Testing and Validation Pre-Production/Production Manufacturing

But sometimes this multi-step process isn't what every client needs. Some clients already have an in-house engineering team, but utilize our specialized FEA analysis services or advanced CAD surface modeling capabilities to complement their design efforts. Others are simply too overloaded to pursue new projects. Whatever the case, Luxon's capable engineering team adapts our process to best fit your particular goals.

A Seamless Product Development Experience

We don't simply offer product design; we also provide a full range of solutions to complete the process. Our advanced finite element analysis and simulation capabilities give us the ability to virtually test your products without incurring the expense and time required for physical prototypes. Be it computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling of fluid flow and heat transfer, dynamic mechanism and motion simulation, or non-linear structural FEA analysis, our advanced software and computational power is the answer.

Once the design has been vetted via design and analysis, we provide the manufacturing services to bring it to reality. Our in-house prototype manufacturing capabilities include 3D printing, CNC machining, welding, assembly, and testing enabling a seamlessly integrated design process to bring your product to market faster. In the event a product calls for a process we can't handle in-house, we utilize our proven network of trusted suppliers and industry leaders who can.

Whatever your specific need, our team of experienced professionals will apply their extensive knowledge of product design and manufacturing to accomplish select portions of the process, or manage every step of the project through to completion.

Explore our capabilities using the links above, view our frequently asked questions, or request a free consultation to discover how we can transform your concept to reality.